Market feasibility and competitive landscaping in consumer healthcare

  • Advised client on market attractiveness for peppermint oil-based products to treat irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)

  • Helped client understand key opportunities and key activation levers to unlock value

  • Assess and analyse consumer healthcare market with reference to treatment for IBS
  • Detailed profiling of competitors’ products in the peppermint oil-based product category
  • Understand unmet need, entry barriers and commercial attractiveness of peppermint oil-based products to treat IBS
  • Conducted secondary research for market assessment
    • Current market size and total market potential for consumer healthcare products
    • Market sentiment related to need for and acceptance of consumer healthcare products
    • In-depth analysis of trends, drivers and latest M&A, profit and loss assessment
  • Competitive analysis
    • Detailed profiling of competitors’ products in the same product category
    • Analysed impact on target market based on change in end-user buying behaviour
    • Benchmarked client vs competitors in terms of product features, pricing, reach and brand value
  • Viability assessment
    • Target patient populations with clinical significance
    • Potential tapping points in the clinical guidelines and treatment protocols
    • Unmet needs, barriers and strategies to overcome barriers


  • Evaluated business opportunities based on growth potential and client’s current capabilities
  • Identified competitors’ key marketing strategies and assessed their impact on the target audience to formulate best-in-class strategies
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