Market Assessment – Electric vehicle market

  • Growth potential and plausible revenue streams identified

  • Deep-dive analysis of the key players in the UK

  • 360 degree view of the market

  • Financial analysis of historical data

  • Client: One of the “Big Six” utility player in the UK
  • The client wanted to understand the “Electric Vehicle (EV) Industry in the UK”
  • The scope of our work was to assess the electric vehicle market by segments, namely buses and coaches, commercial fleets, taxi and PHVs, public fleets
  • During the course of the study, the following key areas were thoroughly analyzed to present a comprehensive view of the market to the client:
    • Sector analysis
    • Market sizing of the sub segments identified in the scope of work
      • Impact of liberalization on penetration rates
      • Positioning and customer base of global companies vis-à-vis local players
    • Profiling of prominent players, financial analysis of historical data
      • Analyzing the charging infrastructure of the players by type and across UK regions
      • SWOT analysis
      • Operational and strategic analysis
    • Study of key market trends and drivers
  • Provided the client a 360 degree view of the market, including deep-dive analysis of the key players in the UK
  • Enabled the client to assess the situation of the EV market in the UK and identified “Opportunities in the EV Charging Space”
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