Macroeconomic Research Support for a UK-based Bulge Bracket Investment Bank

  • $130K in annualized savings

  • 50% reduction in turnaround time

  • Pooled resourcing structure

  • Automation solutions for increased efficiency

  • Client was looking for support in designing and developing a scalable database and a system to capture and track critical data releases,events, macroeconomic news flow, and central bank monetary committee and policy statements for select countries in North America and Latin America
  • Taking this a step further, the client asked us to collate this information into various reports in different formats to support global teams
  • A team comprising economists,data specialists, and an advanced MS office solutions expert, was put together to address the client requirement
  • Developed an automated system for extracting, processing, validating, and loading data from various web-based and vendor sources into a centralized repository
  • Also developed an β€œactive” economic calendar for easy tracking. This captured several meta data, including release dates, revision dates, and data sources
  • Calendars were built and managed efficiently with regard to sensitivity and responsiveness, timeliness, and accuracy
  • Automation reduced the time taken for the manual tasks by 50%
  • Client uses the master database and other bespoke tools developed by Acuity Knowledge Partners to generate research reports and marketing presentations in proprietary formats as and when required
  • Seamless transition of a 2-member team and execution of go-live in under 2 weeks
  • Saved $130k in annualized costs
  • Pooled resourcing structure helped offload various adhoc tasks across asset classes within the global research team of the investment bank
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