Loan booking and deal trading support to a US Commercial Bank

  • 25-30% reduction in the request/response lifecycle

  • 40% reduction in client escalations

  • 100% Backlog cleared

  • Backlog of loan booking, renewals, repayment schedules, fee setup
  • Knowledge retention issues requiring investment in repeated training
  • Additional cost of hiring resources versed in Loan IQ and ClearPar
  • High cost of setting up a project team onshore
  • Conducted a detailed study of the process and created standing operating procedures to standardise repayment schedules
  • Key stroke mapping done to identify key issues
  • Standardised workflow process
  • Onboarded Loan IQ experts to reduce training time
  • Assessed Loan Booking by reviewing credit agreements (base rates, pricing, schedules, collaterals, etc.)
  • Liaised with relationship manager to validate information


  • Cleared backlog of 1,500 repayment schedules, complex infrastructure, project finance and other segments
  • Set up a fee system of record and fund movement from suspense account to income
  • Closed loan trading account by posting payment
  • Improved turnaround time on SLAs as all transactions were completed by the stipulated deadlines
  • Reduced client escalations by reducing backlog by 40%
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Loan Servicing support to a French HQ Bank (US book)
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