Leveraged and acquisition finance support to a UAE-based bank

  • 10-12%

    efficiency gains

  • 30-40%

    Volume Growth

  • Client
    • Engagement started in January 2022
  • Engagement Highlights
    • Support to 7+ onshore bankers based in the UAE
    • 2 dedicated Acuity team members
  • Credit market solutions/products Covered
    • Restructuring Finance
    • Leveraged Finance
    • Acquisition Finance
    • Refinancing
  • Preparing Green Light Memos for M&A and restructuring deals
  • Detailed analysis of financial statements and preparing query letters based on gaps in available information
  • Assisting with market and industry updates
  • Support in preparing information memoranda for live deals
  • Supporting bankers on peer screening, benchmarking, company profiles and valuations
  • Liquidity analysis of the publicly listed shares encumbered in the deal
  • Credit assessment, and collateral and covenant monitoring


  • Efficiency Gains
    • 10-12% efficiency gains through standardisation, consistency and quality
  • Volume Growth
    • 30-40% more volumes handled, including support on complex tasks
  • Enhanced Support
    • Expanded partnership through addition of 1 FTE in September 2023
  • Improved Responsiveness
    • 20-25% more client-facing time
  • Quick Turnaround
    • 15-20% faster turnaround
  • Productivity
    • 15-20% increase in productivity locked in high-value tasks/complex assignments
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