Investment banking research and analytics support to a UAE-based commercial bank

  • 8+ years of partnership

  • >600 projects delivered

  • 1- to 8-hour turnaround for urgent requests

  • 10,000+ hours of work to date

  • The client is one of the top three financial institutions and one of the largest retail lenders in the UAE; Acuity Knowledge Partners has been in a partnership with its investment banking division since 2011 :
    • The goal was to set up an offshore platform to free up the bandwidth of the bankers onshore to focus on value-added tasks
    • The client wanted to productively utilise in-house onshore talent for client-facing activities and exploring new opportunities in the investment banking space
  • Key challenges faced by the investment banking team:
    • Lack of time to address the market more quickly and efficiently
    • Difficulty in retaining local talent
    • High cost of functioning
  • Acuity Knowledge Partners created a flexible engagement model to address these challenges:
    • Appointed product specialists to provide support on leveraged finance, capital markets, loan syndications and project finance tasks
    • Provided real-time support, taking advantage of the time zone
    • Automated standard products
    • Quickly turned around urgent tasks in addition to delivering high-quality output
    • Provided support on all standard and non-standard projects, incuding credit packs, IMs and debt models


  • The engagement freed up bankers’ time for more client facing activities
  • Seamless onshore and offshore transition through specifically designed end-to-end process maps
  • Higher work volumes and complex projects delivered through an experienced team and efficient processes
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