Integrated IB Analytics and BIS for Asia-Focused Mid-Size Investment Bank

  • >95,000

    projects delivered

  • ~$6m

    annualized savings on headcount savings p.a.

  • $2m+

    per annum savings on MDS cost savings p.a

  • Up to 25%

    time savings for bankers

  • The client is a mid-size bank with a focus on Asia. Acuity Knowledge Partners provides diversified support to their investment banking division with integrated IB Analytics and Business Information Service (BIS) teams
  • The client was looking for a comprehensive offshore platform to support their IB teams in multiple geographies
  • Acuity Knowledge Partners started supporting the client’s IB team with IB analytics in 2007 and built a wide geographic and product coverage. The highly successful IB analytics partnership led to the establishment of the BIS team in 2010
  • While the BIS services has resulted in cost savings through market data source (MDS) rationalization, the integration of IB and BIS brings high value-add to the client teams and enables them focus on revenue generating activities
  • Evolved the pool team set-up of the IB Analytics team to an integrated geographic alignment, supported by a global BIS team
  • Created niche product specialist teams
  • Provided specialized IB services, including leveraged finance, capital markets, loan syndications, project finance, ratings advisory, and securitization
  • Wider geographic coverage of the client teams was enhanced by providing Mandarin language support to bankers
  • Provided comprehensive origination and coverage support,enabling bankers to focus on deal execution


  • Reduced turnaround times for analytics requests requiring BIS support through integrated IB analytics and BIS model
  • Created centralized repository of documents, enabling reusability of research resulting in significant time and cost savings
  • Standardized templates for recurring tasks, resulting in shorter turnaround times
  • Saved costs through centralization and rationalization of MDS
  • Provided high-quality insights and value-added support through specialist teams
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