Industry and competition research for a digital gaming startup

  • Impactful research on investors and funding opportunities – USD75m+ funding secured since engagement initiation

  • Provided 15-20% additional bandwidth to client teams, leading to faster delivery of critical strategy projects

  • Required the following on sub-segments of the real money gaming (RMG) segment such as fantasy sports, trivia, Rummy and Poker:
  • Investor and funding research: key investors in the space, major investments, investee research, funding trends – by segment and geography, “hot” investment areas
  • Competitor tracking: products, market share, strategies, financials, app features and feedback, marketing strategy
  • Industry research: product launches within RMG sub-segments, innovations, trends, regulatory and policy challenges, M&A and investments, partnerships
  • Country research: macroeconomics, demographics, addressable market size (gaming), digital payment adoption
  • Weekly newsletter: competitor updates (product launch, M&A, funding, partnerships, user and financial updates, marketing), industry updates, regulatory and policy news
  • Became an integral part of the client team, assisting them with expansion and growth opportunity assessment
  • Delivered competitor and market insights to client’s strategy team based on detailed desk research followed by analysing and synthesising information
  • Maintained close collaboration with client stakeholders on every project to understand end-customer needs, discuss approach, refine output and make final delivery
  • Identified suitable funding opportunities to fuel growth
  • Freed up client’s bandwidth for enterprise-level activities
  • Helped the client stay ahead of the competition and keep abreast of fast-moving gaming markets
  • Reduced turnaround time and increased efficiency
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