Coverage Expansion and Support for a Global PE Firm Headquartered in Switzerland

  • 4

    years of partnership

  • ~$10m

    in cost savings

  • +30

    member dedicated desk of analysts

  • 5

    client offices supported

  • A leading Swiss bulge-bracket asset manager was looking for an outsourcing partner to expand its investment team to cover more opportunities across US and European markets
  • The engagement began in 2008 with a team of 2 research analysts, scaling up to a team of 30 dedicated analysts in less than 3years. Acuity Knowledge Partners has been in partnership with the client’s PE FoF and Asset Management divisions since 2008
  • The goal was to set up an offshore platform to support lean onshore teams globally, with the following key objectives:
    • Reducing high cost of external support from consulting firms – which was adversely impacting funds’ management fees – by creating own dedicated offshore team working with fund managers
    • Reducing staff and management costs, as partnerships with consulting firms were project-based and most research tasks were still being managed internally; outsourcing partnership helped client control staffing and management efforts
    • Retaining key strengths in-house while offshoring standard analyses to free-up onshore bandwidth for deal sourcing and other high-value activities
  • Acuity Knowledge Partners developed specific skills to cover additional areas of support, thus becoming the de-facto hiring and support center for the client
  • Created standard methodologies to ensure consistent output and quality
  • Conducted a whiteboarding session to identify additional areas of support areas to expand the proposition
  • Operated as a central team to support over 5 client offices,thus increasing process and cost efficiency
  • Reduced due diligence/ turnaround time by 40%, thus enabling the client to increase its focus on highvalue activities and newer geographies
  • Aligned industry/ product teams to provide valueadded support with strong integration
  • Ensured quick deployment of investible resources within a quick timeframe for fund marketing collaterals, target screening, deep dive industry/ market research, periodic reporting, and due diligence
  • Incorporated additional elements, such as portfolio revaluation, cash flow modeling, competitor analysis, and market updates
  • Transitioned to client’s virtual environment, delivering stronger
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