Fuel Retail Market Study for Target Geographies

  • Analysed potential for entry into retail fuel market

  • Secondary and primary research

  • Quick turnaround time (TAT)

  • The client wanted to understand the fuel retail market for several countries as it was looking for growth and, therefore, investment potential
  • Defined the key aspects of the industry to develop a comprehensive understanding of the fuel retail market. Some of the aspects covered included:
    • Market overview, including market evolution and economic indicators
    • Various business models that exist in this space (COCO, CODO or DODO)
    • Regulations (entry barrier, use of biofuels, etc.)
    • Major players and their market share
    • Prospects and Challenges (Political, Social,Economical)
    • Major developments in the market in the past few years
  • The research highlighted that most of the countries were not fit for doing business because of the challenges they offer, especially price control by the governments
  • The research developed an understanding of whether the country was lucrative enough to explore opportunities
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