Financial spreading support to a top Canadian bank

  • USD6mn in cost savings and growing

  • 27% efficiency, resulting in more volume delivered

  • 20-25% more client-facing time

  • ~15,000 financial spreads annually

  • Inconsistent spreading at branch level
  • Lack of a defined process and methodology document
  • Slow loan approval
  • Irregular monitoring
  • Reduced front-office productivity
  • Prepared a detailed methodology document based on client’s internal credit policy to produce standardized output across the bank
  • Implemented a centralized spreading process to remove inconsistencies between branches
  • Set up a pyramid-type offshore team based on the complexity of spreads
  • Validated historical data to make it consistent across the database
  • Delivered urgent spreads within 24 hours
  • Designed an automated and integrated workflow tool to place, update, prioritize and track all requests
  • Achieved consistent financial spreading as a result of using standardized methodology
  • Accomplished seamless onshore to offshore transition through specifically designed end-to-end process maps
  • Stringent SLAs to ensure timely delivery and high-quality output
  • Channelled efficiency gains to deliver more-value-added work and effectively manage workflow
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What we have done

Financial spreading and covenant monitoring solutions for a mid-size US bank
What we are proud of


in cost savings


increase in loan volumes managed onshore

Spreading CoE for a top US regional bank
What we are proud of


efficiency, resulting in more volume turned over


financial spreads delivered