ESG and Sustainable Development Goals Research

  • Significant time savings for the client’s senior ESG analysts

  • Variety of ESG and SDG analyses support across portfolio companies

  • Unique ESG insights on securities, not covered by other service providers

Client Challenges
  • A $700bn US-headquartered asset manager has a senior ESG research team in the US/Canada and Asia, but the deeper integration and analysis of ESG in the investment process for a large universe of securities (equity + bonds) has been resource intensive/time consuming
  • A large number of securities (particularly in emerging markets) are not covered by the current off-the-shelf ESG service providers
Our Approach
  • Dedicated ESG resources based in China
  • UN Sustainable Development Goals’ (SDGs) analysis for portfolios
  • Conduct ESG research on EM securities
  • Carbon Delta VaR analysis for portfolios
  • Carbon emissions and SDGs performance analysis
  • UN Global Compact (UNGC) watch list review for S&P 500

Impact Delivered

  • Localised ESG resources from Acuity ’s team in China
  • Provided ESG research on emerging market securities currently not covered by other service providers
  • Unlocked significant amount of free time for the client’s senior analysts
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