ESG Advisory Support To The Client On Developing Sustainable Finance Frameworks For The Corporates

  • Increased Efficiency

    20% increase in client productivity due to quick turnaround on SF requests

  • Cash Saving

    Significant cash savings for the client due to strategic and real-time support

  • Client is a London headquartered bank, with a significant footprint in APAC and EMEA
  • Primary areas of support include trend analysis, thematic sustainability research to analyse and identify ESG driven sustainable finance opportunities for the bank
  • Acuity’s team has provided domain expertise in the ESG and Sustainable Finance space by undertaking in-depth analysis of the sector to which the corporate entity belongs.
  • Our dedicated team provided deep dive analysis and specialization for clients, streamlining UN SDGs with the Use of Proceeds and KPIs.
  • The following are the steps that Acuity takes to develop a sustainable finance framework – both green bonds and sustainability-linked loans:
    • Overview of Sustainable finance transactions in the sector
    • Deep dive into the company’s sustainability strategies and commitments
    • Align the use of proceeds and KPIs with the commitments of the company as well as the UN SDGs
    • Develop the green finance framework in alignment with the Sustainability Linked Bond Principles published by ICMA and Sustainability Linked Loan Principles 2021 published by the LMA/APLMA/LSTA
    • Once the Use of Proceeds/KPIs are calibrated with SPTs, Acuity also addresses the financial characteristics of the transaction, management and reporting along with verification mechanisms.


  • Support on all types of sustainable bonds/green bonds/sustainability-linked loans-based requests.
  • 24-hour turnaround for urgent requests
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What we have done

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What we are proud of

Client Growth: Significant increase in the number of clients due to the use of scalable solutions

Time-Saving: Able to devote time to strategic work and core tasks

ESG Support For A Japanese Investment Bank
What we are proud of


Time saving


more client-facing time