ECM support for a UK-based bulge-bracket investment bank

  • USD 7m

    In savings

  • 18-20%

    More client-facing time

  • 35-40%

    Productivity gains

  • EUR 50bn

    Support on EUR 50bn worth of deals

  • Among the top 10 investment banks in Europe
  • Key challenges:
    • High resource costs and constrained budgets
    • Challenging market conditions
    • Tight deadlines
    • Lack of quick access to the talent pool
  • Established an offshore ECM team, fully integrated with the client team, offering support to the Corporate Broking, Equity Linked, and Origination and Execution teams
  • Reviewed and re-engineered critical processes to ensure consistent delivery at all times
  • Created a seamless process and workflow mechanism through continuous improvements via an active communication channel
  • Maintained focus on initiatives (technological and other) to drive efficiency gains in an effort to deliver higher volumes with the same resources
  • Encouraged teams to follow best practices, e.g., robust quality checks at each level and adherence to strict confidentiality agreements and compliance procedures to ensure high data security


  • Automated tasks to deliver more output; this enabled the Acuity team to handle more complex analytics with senior bankers (director level and above)
  • Leveraged time-zone difference effectively, offering maximum coverage during UK trading hours, starting support from as early as 05:00 UK
  • Took ownership of transactional and recurring types of work, enabling the bankers to focus on more critical tasks
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