Dedicated support on 70% of total ESG-focused RFP/DDQ volume for a top 20 global asset manager

  • 70%

    Support on the total ESG RFP/DDQ volume

  • 2015

    Client since

  • ESG

    Dedicated writers

  • Global

    asset manager

  • Growing ESG RFP/DDQ volumes and increased complexity
  • Low bandwidth impacting the quality of final deliverables
  • Evolving ESG landscape requiring
    • Constant revision of content
    • Constant changes to approach
  • Step 1 – Preliminary Support: Acuity started support with low- to medium-complexity ESG-focused RFP/DDQs
  • Step 2 – Working Groups: Acuity joined client’s ESG RFP Working Group to stay abreast of the constant changes and formed and internal Acuity Working Group to quickly disseminate learning
  • Step 3 – Dedicated Support: Acuity transitioned to dedicated ESG support and handled high- complexity and custom ESG-focused RFP/DDQs.


  • Acuity started handling c.70% of client’s total ESG RFP/DDQ volume
  • Assisted in creating bespoke RFP/DDQs reflecting latest approach and recent developments
  • Improved overall accuracy, relevance and consistency of responses
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