Debt capital markets (DCM) support to a Europe-based mid-size investment bank

  • Established a strong relationship

  • Freed up onshore team’s capacity to handle more-value-adding tasks

  • Ensured efficiency in standard and routine tasks as offshore team took on complete responsibility for them through proper tracking and communication

  • High cost of junior in-house analysts
  • Capacity tied up in repetitive tasks, with limited bandwidth for more client-facing tasks
  • Lack of quick access to a talent pool
  • Quickly deployed two offshore resources with strong domain knowledge and relevant experience
  • Gained understanding of client requirements through continued engagement and team training
  • Built standardised templates and took complete responsibility for repetitive tasks including weekly market updates and other weekly, monthly and quarterly updates
  • Targeted turning around time-sensitive projects within a day and sometimes within hours, while ensuring high quality


  • Built efficiency in standard tasks to deliver higher volumes and move towards more complex or ad hoc work
  • Our high-quality deliverables and regular feedback from the onshore team helped build strong relationships
  • Saved considerable time by using a standardised template for repetitive tasks and enabling bankers to focus on more-value-adding activities
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