Debt capital markets (DCM) support to a US-based commercial bank

  • USD30k annual cost savings per resource

  • Timely turnaround on regular tasks and flexibility to handle urgent work

  • Freed up 10% of client’s capacity with 1-FTE support on recurring tasks

  • Tedious, recurrent market update tasks
  • Capacity tied up with recurring news searches and market commentaries
  • Time-consuming document translation
  • High cost of junior in-house analysts
  • Rapidly deployed an experienced analyst to provide temporary support and kick-start the engagement
  • Followed up with onboarding a permanent junior resource to provide support, with guidance and oversight of a senior
  • Formulated a well-structured training plan customised to client requirements
  • Ensured seamless communication with the client to fully understand client objectives
  • Ensured efficient and timely turnaround of regular tasks and flexibility to handle urgent ad hoc tasks
  • Helped the client handle most of the time-consuming tasks such as the following:
    • Regular market updates
    • News run and market commentaries
    • Professional document translation
    • Investor profiles


  • Generated standardised output following systematic procedures to ensure compliance and delivery quality, freeing up c.10% of client’s capacity
  • Trained a junior resource, with knowledge transfer and guidance of an experienced senior
  • Provided bilingual support and local-market expertise with a competitive cost advantage
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