Cross-asset research solution for a European PWM

  • Quick ramp-up of research coverage

  • An efficient mix – 40% onshore:60% Acuity

  • Over 50% productivity gains; more client-facing time

  • Over USD5m in savings and deadlines met seamlessly

Client challenge
  • Needed an economically viable solution to increase coverage 4x across equities and credit securities
  • High resource cost and constrained budgets
  • Tight timelines
Our approach
  • Acuity deployed 30 analysts from its Investment Research team to support the client’s research team in writing pre-final-form white-labelled research reports
  • Acuity’s core team was a mix of sector specialists, CFAs, Chartered Accountants and MBAs
  • Partnered with client’s research team to design, finalise and test template to ensure standardised approach is followed across coverage universe
  • We covered listed equities and credit issuers in the US, Europe and Asia
Impact delivered
  • Enhanced coverage within a short period of time
  • Provided timely coverage of 100% of equity releases for their quarterly earnings and key company updates, strictly following client requirements, style guides and formatting, significantly improving time to market
  • Credit research coverage included regular updates for both active and passive universes
  • Standardised processes, automated key tasks and enhanced operating efficiency
  • Current composition of the client’s equity and credit research team: 40% onshore analysts and 60% Acuity analysts, clearly demonstrating the value derived from a longstanding relationship with Acuity
  • We estimate annual cost savings of over USD5m
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