Salesforce admin support to a US-based asset manager

  • 40% cost saving

  • c.40% increase in onshore bandwidth

  • Access to real-time, error-free CRM data

  • Less or no time spent on admin tasks

  • Be the central PoC for onboarding
  • Ongoing cleansing of account, contact and client activity data to ensure streamlined data
  • Assist the onshore Salesforce team with any additional support required
  • Deployed a certified Salesforce administrator and a data analyst with SQL capabilities
  • Worked with the onshore team to set up the onboarding process
  • Documented processes and introduced templates
  • Worked with developers on modification and validations required
  • Ongoing cleansing by the data analyst ensures data remains clean and streamlined


  • Hassle-free deployment of required skill set
  • Less or no time spent on administrative and process-oriented tasks
  • 40-50% cost saving vs onshore hiring
  • Ongoing validation of SOPs and process documentation
  • Guaranteed access to real-time, accurate and streamlined data for better decision-making
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What we have done

Executive assistant/personal assistant support under operational and research admin support
What we are proud of


cost saving

Hassle-free execution

Corporate access
What we are proud of

Near real-time calendar refresh


cost saving

T&E and invoice processing
What we are proud of


increase in efficiency

Increase in data accuracy

CRM and business intelligence
What we are proud of


cost saving


increase in onshore bandwidth