CRM Data Migration And Ongoing Maintenance Support to a European Investment Bank

  • 40% cost savings

  • 20% more client-facing time

  • Real-time CRM support

  • Staggered project-based team and use of hybrid model, bringing in additional cost savings

  • Inadequate client-facing time for users owing to significant time spent in maintaining CRM data
  • Lack of standard template to store contact data
  • Gaps in contact data stored by 250+ users
  • Inconsistencies in data due to data storage in various formats and templates
  • Duplication, as multiple users liaised with same accounts and leads
  • Need for bulk cleansing prior to migrating to SalesForce
  • Absence of central point of contact (PoC) onshore to handle collation, cleansing and migration process
  • High cost of function if handled by onshore team
  • Liaised with 250+ users in collating over 1 million data points into a raw database
  • Set up a hybrid offshore team on a staggered basis, based on the data quality to be cleansed
  • Made real-time calls to coordinators from the onshore team and the CRM vendor to finalise the business logic to be used to remove duplicates, bridge data gaps and correct inconsistencies
  • Used SQL and Python to speed up the cleansing process


  • The offshore team independently collated data from 250+ users in different geographies, freeing up 30-40% admin time for the onshore team
  • Over 1 million data points were cleansed (duplicates removed, gaps bridged and inconsistencies corrected) with the use of SQL and Python and migrated onto SalesForce within 4 months, saving 70-80% admin time vs handling the cleansing exercise manually
  • The offshore team maintained a central PoC for SalesForce to ensure continued data accuracy, resulting in 20% more client-facing time for onshore users
  • MIFIID-related reporting (cost allocations, commission reports, etc.) was automated based on data stored on SalesForce, releasing 20% more client-facing time for the onshore team
  • The client realized 40% cost savings vs hiring similar talent onshore
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