Corporate development advisory services to Fortune-10 Tech for tracking key developments and trends

  • Tracked market trends for the connected mobility market

  • Conducting extensive research on human capital requirement for entering into the autonomous connected mobility market

  • A US-based Tech behemoth required market research on the autonomous connected mobility segment and human capital requirement research
  • Key requirements:
    • Provide strategic support on tracking the competition for strategies, financials and developments, market landscapes, and emerging trends
    • Provide research and analysis output in the form of an infographic presentation, enable the client team to identify market trends in terms of products, funding, and key partnerships
  • Understood client requirements to create a strategic plan covering all areas to produce an insightful final delivery with recommendations
  • Conducted research to collect and synthesize relevant information available in the public domain for autonomous mobility
  • Analysed and synthesized information from various sources to prepare detailed decks covering industry research, competitor monitoring, and human capital research
  • Delivered helpful presentations that were informative assisted in discovering the talent sourcing tendencies of rival companies, new teams, and products being developed in the industry.


  • Achieved 25%+ cost efficiency and reduced turnaround time of key projects
  • Created bandwidth for the client to focus on core business operations
  • Helped client team stay ahead of the competition by tracking domain developments
  • Became an integral part of the client’s Advisory and Market Insights team
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