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Content management support to a wealth and asset manager

  • Manages knowledge base of 10,000+ content records

  • Point person for training and knowledge documentation

  • A global wealth and asset manager wanted a content manager to support its onshore team
  • The client specifically required an experienced editor who could handle highly technical content management tools and platforms
  • The candidate had to be able to refine content prepared by subject matter experts; this required a discerning editorial eye and an understanding of sundry content
  • Given the exacting requirements, we hired an experienced editor with experience across corporate communications, thought leadership and editing
  • The Acuity team ensured the extensive onboarding processes were completed without a hitch. During onboarding, the team closely coordinated with the Director of Global Content Management
  • In a matter of weeks, the editor became adept at handling the client’s highly technical platforms, including a knowledge base, a customer relationship management (CRM) platform, a compliance management system and a sales enablement platform
  • The editor started independently managing content of the client’s natural resources subsidiary’s knowledge base. The editor also created a content checklist, ensuring knowledge documentation and transfer
  • The editor was subsequently involved in a number of projects, including medium-term strategic projects that required understanding of the end user’s perspective to determine logical categorisation of content
  • In just a few months, our editor became the pivot for the client’s private market content, handling twice as much content as any other member of the global team
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