Consultant database solutions for a US specialist asset manager

  • 99.5%

    data quality for mid-sized US specialist asset manager

  • 30%

    increase in CDB coverage

  • 97%

    fill rates by adding 100 new profiles

  • 425

    profiles across 20 databases

  • Low data coverage
    • ca.15% data points were missing
  • Manual process
    • Manual data updates for a few sections, which impacted quality and time to market (consultant questionnaires also updated manually)
  • Inconsistent data format
    • Multiple data sources and tedious data format
  • Only quantitative updates
    • Updates, such as narratives, investment professional, product additions, historical uploads and restatements, were not handled by the previous vendor
  • Difficult-to-integrate new equity products
    • Equity product integration – Challenging during integration for the client. A bulk of new product registrations were in queue
  • Deployed Acuity’s proven solution of end-to-end consultant database updates – CDB specialists + EDGE Tool
  • Used Acuity’s customised EDGE tool to add sections that were handled manually previously. This helped improve time to market and process efficiency
  • Provided full coverage to database sections, including qualitative updates, investment professional, new product addition, historical uploads and restatements
  • On-boarded equity products in various databases and audited historical uploads for five years/since inception
  • Historical data audit for 4 years
  • Best practices implemented to streamline data formats and made sourcing easy
  • Improved database quality to 99.5% from 89% in three quarters
  • Improved ca.50% time to market and reduced time from T+4 to T+2
  • Improved database coverage to 97% from 85%
  • Added 100 new product profiles across consultant database
  • Centralised the team for both equity and fixed income products and for handling consultant questions
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Consultant database solutions for a Top 30 US-based asset manager
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