Centralization and Automation of Updates

  • A global asset management firm wanted a centralized team for CDB updates. Each region updated its CDB separately. The client needed support for initial data aggregation and consolidation, intermediate calculation, validation, and uploading to the target databases

  • Lack of consistency in CDB updates due to multiple teams updating the websites
  • Multiple data sources and formats
  • Consumption of a lot of time in the manual data formatting process during a busy quarterend reporting period
  • Inability of the client team to update the consultant website in a timely manner due to its lack of capacity
  • We deployed CDB experts to support the client teams in the US, Europe, and APAC
  • Conducted white-boarding sessions to better understand the client’s data sources, formats, data availability, and gaps
  • Automated data aggregation and the formatting process
  • Implemented an efficient workflow management system to improve deadline, data tracking, and effective governance
  • The centralized CDB operations resulted in a significant process efficiency gain (approximately 20%) and enhanced the client’s product visibility
  • The client also benefited from a fully implemented process to answer each database consistently,accurately, and efficiently
  • Automated data aggregation and the formatting process reduced CDB update time by 30%
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