Business Information Services for Asia-focused Mid-Size Investment Bank

  • >57,000

    projects delivered

  • ~$2m

    per annum savings on MDS cost savings p.a

  • `$1m

    annualized savings on headcount savings p.a

  • Up to 20%

    time savings for bankers

  • The client is a mid-size bank with a focus on Asia. Copal Amba has been providing BIS services to their investment banking division since 2010
  • The client did not have an inhouse BIS team and wanted to put in place a 24x7 offshore BIS team to support bankers globally
  • The objective was to enable bankers to focus on revenuegenerating activities instead of information mining, and at the same time rationalize high market data sources (MDS) costs
  • Copal Amba had been providing IB analytics support to the bankers since 2007 with wide coverage and excellent feedback. The client was able to leverage Copal Amba’s integrated analytics and BIS services to gain significant operational and cost synergies
  • We identified key generic and product-specific MDS after understanding all business requirements
  • We helped in the procurement of key MDS subscriptions, while rationalizing the number of licenses to deliver cost savings
  • A 24x7 centralized and dedicated BIS team with an initial size of 10 members was set up
  • The team provides business solutions across the coverage universe including basic tasks (corporate document retrieval, news runs, research reports, etc.) and complex tasks (demand/supply trends, advanced deal runs, regulatory analysis,commodity data, etc.)


  • BIS team led by team leads with IB analytics experience who understand banker requirements and deliver highquality results
  • Dynamic shift balancing based on workload enables resource utilization in a 24x7 setup
  • Heavy rationalization of MDS requirements
  • Created centralized repository of documents, enabling reusability of research, resulting in time and cost savings
  • Advised bankers on best sources to retrieve required information
  • Integrated IB analytics and BIS model to enable faster turnaround time for analytics requests that required BIS support
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