Augmenting support across the treasury lifecycle for US regional bank

  • 40-50% reduction in costs

  • 20% reduction in operational risk

  • Enhanced control framework

  • Created scorecardfor non-financial risk metrics, e.g.,near-miss events and delegation of authority

  • Attrition and knowledge-retention issues leading to repetitive investment in training time
  • Hiring resources amid COVID-19-related lockdowns
  • Non-standard processes and inconsistent inherent process risk and control metrics
  • Inability to manage spike due to seasonality and other economic factors
  • Reviewed Treasury Fulfilment and Servicing standard operating policies to identify inconsistencies
  • Identified necessary modifications in the manual processes to eliminate NVAs and hand-offs to streamline processes
  • Identified reputational or financial risk associated with the process and controls to minimise leakage


  • Prepared detailed standard operating procedures to ensure compliance with credit policies and client processes
  • E2E treasury support services for account opening, enhanced enrolments, cash flow modelling and projection support, and modifications and operational governance
  • enhanced operational risk management practice with defined inherent process risk and control metrics
  • Deployed fungible resources with flexibility to manage spikes for effective load balancing
  • Defined stringent SLAs and quality of output with automated dashboard reporting
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What we have done

Loan booking and deal trading support to a US Commercial Bank
What we are proud of


reduction in the request


reduction in client escalations