Assisted an European ERP solutions provider transition from on-premise to the cloud model

  • Helped transform the client into a full-fledged cloud-based ERP provider (Vision 2020 – ‘To-be state’)

  • Key gap identification and possible solutions

  • 25-30% Improved operational efficiency by implementing best practices

  • An ERP solutions provider wanted to transition to the cloud model from an on-premise model
  • Acuity Knowledge Partners (Acuity) supported the client’s corporate strategy and product teams based in Europe and the US. Acuity supported the client on the following:
  • Operational efficiency analysis: Carried out an in-depth operational efficiency analysis based on a study on lead time and process time
  • Industry best practices: Studied lean processes/best practices followed in the cloud-based industry; identified the gaps and leakage areas present in the current process and redefined processes to optimise costs
  • Scenario analysis and recommendations: Recommended processes (‘To-be state’) and initiatives that were less complex and reduced cycle time and costs; set up new KPIs (cloud-specific) and metrics to track performance; conducted an in-depth scenario analysis to understand the financial implications of the selected alternatives


  • Acuity supported an ERP solutions provider chart a course to the cloud model (from an on-premise model) and align its products, processes and people in that direction
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