Asset based lending portfolio transition and monitoring for a top-3 UK bank

  • 40%

    reduction in overdue

  • 1,500+

    borrowing-base spreads

  • 130+

    collateral analysis reports

  • USD85bn+

    worth in global commitment

  • Meeting regulatory timeline for transitioning Excel-based to real-time portfolio monitoring
  • Inadequate client-facing time for onsite stakeholders
  • Past-due collateral analysis reviews
  • Inconsistent, ad hoc borrowing-base spreading and excess-availability monitoring
  • Onsite knowledge transfer session with the William Stucky team focused on understanding the strengths and limitations of the tool. The Acuity team subsequently provided detailed inputs to onsite stakeholders aimed at standardising and finalising the loan setup and monitoring process
  • Established a three-step approval process for loan creation and modification
  • Set up an offshore team to provide support in portfolio transition, borrowing-base spreading and collateral analysis
  • Designed self-sustaining workflow requiring minimal to no intervention by onsite stakeholders. The Acuity team designed the workflow in such a way that borrowing-base spreading is prioritised immediately on receipt of the borrowing-base certificate from the borrower, ensuring availability is monitored based on the most recent information


  • Portfolio transition to standardised real-time monitoring in William Stucky in three months
  • 12-15% incremental bandwidth for onsite stakeholders for value-added tasks
  • 40% reduction in overdue reviews within one year of engagement start and up-to-date borrowing-base spreading and excess-availability monitoring
  • Well-documented and risk-compliant auditable processes
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