Assessment of GCC pharmaceutical market

  • Analysed potential for entry into the GCC pharmaceutical market

  • Helped client understand socio-economic and health policies in GCC countries

  • Scarcity of data in GCC countries
  • Highly fragmented pharmaceutical markets in GCC countries
  • The need to understand socio-economic determinants and government policies
  • Market assessment:
    • Estimated market size using the bottom-up approach
    • Assessed market dynamics, drivers and barriers to entry
    • Assessed the top players in market, their revenue streams and plans
    • Assessed subsectors based on competition
  • Socio-economic determinants:
    • Tracked spending on the healthcare sector as a percentage of GDP and per capita expenditure on healthcare
    • Gained an understanding of the proportion of the aged population and incidence of chronic disease
    • Analysed participation of private hospitals and health insurance
  • Government/health policies:
    • Tracked healthcare-related policies
    • Tracked regulatory, pricing and reimbursement policies
    • Gained an understanding of government policies in terms of setting up manufacturing bases and foreign investments


  • Advised on subsectors with unmet need and market attractiveness
  • Assessed possible market drivers and barriers to entry
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