Rewiring Banking Operations for Sustained Growth


Event Summary

Transforming the model to improve bottom line and talent retention

The banking industry has come under pressure, as inflationary environment and complex geopolitics have led to sluggish credit growth, slowdown in deposits, and growing NPLs. Global bank CXOs are trying to find a balance between cutting costs and expanding their portfolio, optimizing operational efficiency and effectiveness to retain existing clients, and improving risk governance.

How are senior bank executives reimagining their operating model to align with evolving client journeys while juggling the challenging regulatory landscape, hyper-competitive market, and global talent war? How can banks leverage the partner ecosystem to increase their operational flexibility?

Acuity Knowledge Partners is delighted to bring together three senior industry leaders from the banking industry for this webinar to share their perspectives on their transformation journey.

Key Takeaways

  • Key considerations for establishing an efficient operating model that leverages synergies across banking functions – underwriting, spreading, loan ops and treasury, among others

  • Role of partners in improving middle- and back-office operational efficiency, thereby elevating client experience

  • Talent retention policies and ways to engage with partners for flexible staffing

  • Strategies employed by banks to leverage domain experts to fast-track their innovation road map and digitization journey

  • Tactics banks use to stay on top of regulatory deadlines/obligations without stretching internal teams

This webinar is ideal for

  • Chief Operating Officers, Heads of Middle Office (lending function), Heads of Innovation and Transformation

  • Heads of Wholesale Banking Operations, Heads of Credit Fulfillment, Servicing and Operations, Heads of Commercial Banking Operations

  • Heads of Loan Syndication Operations, Heads of Deposit and Cash Management Operations, Heads of Treasury and Trade Finance Operations, Heads of Loan Trading and Settlements


Chris Coats

Senior Vice President, Head of Commercial Loan Operations

Citizens Bank

Jorge Martin

MD, Global Banking Operations Americas, Corporate and Investment Banking


Gerard Jordan

Director, Lending Services

Acuity Knowledge Partners

Rewiring Banking Operations for Sustained Growth

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