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Stephen Adams

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06 Feb 2015

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Financial services is no longer the default first choice destination for top graduates, and only 28% of juniors remain in the industry two years after joining (Source: Vetter survey of 1400 bankers, Dec 2014).

Perceptions of long working hours, downward pressure on financial compensation, and alternatives offering a better work-life balance are making it increasingly difficult to attract and retain talent. How should organizations manage their junior staffing and build an environment that would retain staff for the long term?

In this edition of its ongoing breakfast series, Copal Amba presented the perspective of an expert industry leader who discussed the challenge, root causes, and possible solutions.

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Stephen Adams

Director in Equity Research at Barclays.Mr. Adams is the COO responsible for both Europe and Asia Equity Research

Stephen Adams is a Director in Equity Research at Barclays. Mr. Adams is the COO responsible for both Europe and Asia Equity Research.

He joined Barclays in 2010 and has been instrumental in setting up the Asia Equity Research business. Prior to joining Barclays Mr Adams worked at Goldman Sachs where he worked in similar roles for 10 years, including five years in London and five

years in Hong Kong. He also worked at KPMG in London for six years.

Mr. Adams graduated with a Bachelor of Accounting and Finance degree from the University of Humberside and is a fellow of the Association of Certified Chartered Accountants.

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