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Acuity Knowledge Partners is proud to be the Associate Sponsor at the inaugural With Intelligence HFM Middle East Summit 2024.

This event is an exclusive meeting point for senior back-office executives at Middle East based hedge funds and those interested in exploring opportunities in the region. In partnership with DIFC, it will provide the perfect mix of insightful content sessions, interactive roundtables and integrated networking activities, addressing the opportunities and challenges in this exciting region.

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Meet our team at the event

Kaushik Biswas

Kaushik BiswasDirector, Business Development
Acuity Knowledge Partners

Ahmed Hameed

Ahmed HameedDirector, Business Development
Acuity Knowledge Partners

 Rathnakala Kumaragurunathan

Rathnakala KumaragurunathanDirector, IR
Acuity Knowledge Partners

About Acuity Knowledge Partners

Acuity Knowledge Partners (Acuity) is a leading provider of bespoke research, analytics and technology solutions to the financial services sector, including asset managers, corporate and investment banks, private equity and venture capital firms, hedge funds and consulting firms. Its global network of over 6,000 analysts and industry experts, combined with proprietary technology, supports more than 500 financial institutions and consulting companies to operate more efficiently and unlock their human capital, driving revenue higher and transforming operations. Acuity is headquartered in London and operates from 10 locations worldwide.

We EMPOWER our clients to drive revenues higher. We INNOVATE using our proprietary technology and automation solutions. Finally, we enable our clients to TRANSFORM their operating model and cost base.

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