Event speakers

Brian Johnson

Nick Rusling

Katie Money

Rajul Sood

Damian Burleigh

David Fellows

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Event Date

30 Sep 2020

Event Time

10am EDT

3pm BST


Crises are catalysts for change, and companies need to either reinvent themselves during such events or make way for competition. The pandemic has undeniably reinforced the urgency to accelerate digital transformation across sectors. For banks, specifically, a key strategic priority is not only to adopt new systems and applications but also build analytics capabilities within lending processes. This will offer customers a seamless digital experience, enable banks to develop agile processes and improve risk governance. Banks are also assessing partially automated risk-evaluation processes and building a comprehensive database for effective decision making.

Our webinar panelists will cover all aspects related to the challenges faced during a digitization-led transformation—why there is a need to build analytics over unified loan-management systems and how a digitized credit-analysis process can be adopted for faster and better lending decisions

We recommend this webinar for those looking to transform their lending processes to drive new business and improve the customer experience and risk-governance practices.

Key Takeaways
  • How the economic slowdown is impacting the banking business

  • What are the digitization challenges in the ‘new normal’

  • Why is there a need to automate credit analysis

  • What are the challenges in automating the credit-analysis process

  • Why is there a need to embed data analytics in a digitized lending process

  • How the roles and responsibilities of banking staff will evolve as banks incorporate AI into their processes

  • Why is it necessary to blend domain expertise with technology while formulating an automation strategy

Speaker Profile
Brian Johnson

Senior Vice President & Commercial Credit Director, Umpqua Bank

Nick Rusling

Head of Portfolio Management, Corporate & Investment Banking, Investec

Katie Money

Credit Portfolio Monitoring Manager, Commercial Underwriting, KeyBank

Rajul Sood

Senior Director & Global Head of Commercial Lending, Acuity Knowledge Partners

Damian Burleigh

Chief Revenue & Marketing Officer, Acuity Knowledge Partners

David Fellows

Chief Digital Officer, Acuity Knowledge Partners

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