The future of marketing and reporting: Empowering asset managers in the transformation journey

I believe this is a golden age for marketing. We can marry science and data with art and insights to improve our clients’ experience and drive business results

Laurie Lupton
Marketing & Communications Consultant

Global asset managers are finding it increasingly challenging to stay ahead of their peers. This webinar focuses on how important it is for marketing and client-servicing teams to recognize the evolution of fund collateral dynamics in conjunction with digital transformation.

Laurie will provide insights into the changing marketing and client-servicing landscape and challenges in the asset management industry. She will also address how, with widespread use of technology, asset management firms are looking at merging man and machine without losing sight of ROI. The webinar will also cover the role of a knowledge services partner and how managed solutions can meet the challenge of blending technology with talent.

Main themes:

  •  Marketing and asset management trends

  •  Understanding marketing ROI

  •  Digital transformation and its impact on asset management collateral

  •  Think big; act small

  •  Software vs. the solution