Bespoke research support for telemedicine service providers

“We provide in-depth insight on leading healthcare digital platforms, key drivers, emerging trends, market sizing and forecasting, and on leading players, product launches and various other market entry strategies”

Telehealth is not a new phenomenon, but the pandemic has made telemedicine a necessity. It has forced the healthcare sector to see telehealth as a virtual care ecosystem and not simply as tele/video consultation. As a result, physicians and consumers are using telemedicine in forms such as televisits and consultation, remote monitoring, medication management, access to specialised care that is otherwise limited, tele-ICU and post-acute-care integration. Healthcare consumers and providers are adopting telemedicine technology to meet growing demand for risk-free, convenient and cost-effective access to care. Strong continued uptake, favourable consumer perception, a supportive regulatory environment and strong investment in this space are contributing to its adoption. However, to realise the full potential of virtually enabled care ecosystems, payers, providers and consumers need to adopt telemedicine as part of their routine engagements. Explore how our healthcare experts can provide research support on various aspects of digital healthcare including the latest technologies, market entry and due diligence, pharma licensing and M&A support


Our offering

Digital health technology tracking and assessment

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We support clients with different technologies and can help manage projects from allied domain

  • Competitive and technology intelligence

  • Technology attractiveness/benchmarking

  • Telehealth and virtual care strategies

  • Selection of suitable telehealth technologies

  • Partner/vendor scouting

  • Key trends in digital advancement in the life sciences and healthcare sector

  • Market sizing and strategy intelligence

  • Opportunity assessment, go-to-market strategy

  • Company profiling

Tracking changes in healthcare regulations

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Acuity has been keeping abreast of changes in regulation and can help you create a master report along with daily/weekly alerts tracking recent changes

  • Regulatory approval in different countries

  • Regulations and required documentation for telehealth services

  • Patient access programmes

  • Macroeconomic policies of different countries

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