Marketing Automation processes to drive AUM growth

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Building and distributing emails, nurturing a list of prospects, extracting reports to shed light on performance and continuously fine-tuning campaigns based on analytics require a dedicated team of marketing automation experts. Unfortunately, these are the very processes that are most often deprioritised and ignored as asset managers and organisations in the financial services industry continue to suffocate under diminishing margins.

As marketing budgets shrink and marketing automation platforms are sidelined, organisations lose valuable communication lines and opportunities for AUM growth.

Learn more about why asset managers are turning to Acuity Knowledge Partners to cost-effectively augment operational capacity and escape this trap.

Benefits and impact

Our marketing automation solutions

Email design and distribution

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Email design and distribution

  • Email, landing page and form building

  • Graphics, tables and CTA placement

  • Scheduling email sends and configuring automation workflows

  • A/B testing; responsive design and cross-platform rendering

Lead nurturing

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Lead nurturing

  • Create segments by persona or interest

  • Build efficient lead scoring and grading models

  • Implement drip marketing campaigns

  • Integrate email data with CRM

  • Maintain list hygiene

Reporting and analysis

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Reporting and analysis

  • Campaign-specific performance reporting

  • Dashboard creation

  • Customised reports

  • Closed-loop reporting

  • Analysis of overall campaign revenue performance

Platform migration and consulting support

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Platform migration and consulting support

  • Subscriber migration/import

  • Importing segments and lists

  • Rebuilding automation workflows

  • Recreating signup forms and email templates

  • Account auditing

  • CRM integration

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