Still Performing Enhanced Due Diligence?

Explore how Acuity's compliance specialists can enable you to ensure oversight and regulatory adherence

Regulatory bodies have been increasingly monitoring and evaluating the on-boarding and due diligence processes of institutions (be it for their customers or vendors), resulting in large fines being levied for partial/non-compliance. The need of the hour is to move from due diligence, which focuses on data gathering, to analysis and investigation. Acuity Knowledge Partners (Acuity) brings together its comprehensive data source on global companies, team of skilled research analysts and access to Innovation Lab to perform Investigative Due Diligence.

EPIC Methodology for Investigative Due Diligence:

  • Extract information from structured data sources

  • Populate missing information from unstructured data sources

  • Investigate and analyze information

  • Calculate RISK


Acuity's Suite of IDD Reports

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