Information memorandums and thematic research

We provide investment bankers & advisors with impactful, comprehensive and bespoke end-to-end information memorandums (IMs) and insightful direction through thematic research and detailed industry studies.

A thorough, well-structured and well-presented IM can go a long way in ensuring the success of a sell-side M&A or capital-raising transaction. It can also minimise the multiple rounds of questions that typically follow the launch of a deal. Acuity’s years of experience in working with multiple investment banks and financial advisors on deal executions enable us to apply global best practices in preparing IMs for assets in all sectors.

Thematic research and industry studies can help differentiate investment banking teams in a highly competitive landscape. Thought-provoking and pertinent industry content that showcases "thought leadership” helps bankers gain the trust of their prospective clients and generate more leads for potential transactions. Acuity has sector experts in multiple areas who can develop bespoke and proprietary industry content, including key industry trends, disruptive themes, sector landscapes and opportunity identification.

Coupled with our expertise in presentations and graphics (P&G), we provide a holistic package for our clients, helping them optimise their go-to-market efforts. Our P&G team designs presentations and marketing material that is consistent, marketable, aesthetically appealing and highly impactful.

Acuity is a partner of choice for investment bankers and advisors across the investing/M&A/funding value chain, helping them scale up their practices and drive value for their clients using Acuity’s domain experience and expertise in appropriately positioning the target to investors through detailed IMs and offering thematic research content.

Apart from preparing detailed IMs and thematic research reports, Acuity can also help you with marketing and roadshow events by developing teasers and presentations for potential investors.

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