Can your consultants meet increasing demand for ESG research?

We partner with consultants to help their clients build new environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) strategies and re-evaluate existing ones

Consultants working with financial sponsors and investors are primarily focused on dealing with environmental (E) issues when drafting ESG and sustainable business policies, but there is a gradual shift to social (S) and governance (G) issues

Increased environmental awareness, demand for transparency, focus on employee wellbeing, social issues and the growing influence of investors to integrate ESG factors into mainstream investment processes have driven the increase in ESG and sustainable business consulting opportunities. Demand for research on governance issues such as structure and oversight, company values, transparency and reporting, and cyber risks has also increased.

This is the time sustainable investing could demonstrate its full potential, as companies and investors aspiring for long-term success are likely to increase their sustainability efforts.

Factors such as regulatory requirements, investor pressure, availability of lower capital and the enhanced corporate reputation of “sustainable” companies have boosted demand for consultants to build ESG-related strategies.

Demand for ESG and sustainability consultants has also increased as companies re-examine their operational strategies and strengthen their efforts to integrate ESG investing expectations, ratings and perspectives into “sustainability initiatives” and stakeholder engagement. Investors are also looking for companies that are more strategically and operationally resilient, have strong executive teams and company boards with expertise in crisis management and financial restructuring, and care about all stakeholders including owners, employees, suppliers, customers, creditors, the government and society.

Access ESG consulting research support to integrate sustainable business strategies

At Acuity, we play a vital role in assisting consultants offering ESG-related solutions to their clients, advising them on how to embed ESG structures into their business models, strategy and competitor due diligence. Our research expertise supports the entire spectrum of ESG framework implementation and investing activity and provides end-to-end support, helping niche consultants bolster their capabilities.

Benefits and Impact

Are you supporting your clients in integrating ESG and sustainable business strategies?

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Are you supporting your clients in integrating ESG and sustainable business strategies?

  • Tracking key ESG trends: Offers deep industry analysis of current ESG trends and how they affect clients and particular industries

  • ESG programme development: Enables clients to design ESG programmes and develop execution plans

  • ESG integration: Assists clients in incorporating tailored sustainable investment solutions, maximising their business performance

  • ESG assessments: Analyses companies’ ESG data from corporate disclosures, regulatory filings, social media, sustainability organisations and other sources

  • ESG benchmarking: Benchmarks clients’ ESG policies and ethical practices against industry players’ and best practices

  • ESG scoring: Measures the sustainable and ethical impact of an investment in a company

  • ESG training: Assists clients in educating and training key stakeholders of the company on the impact of ESG investing on their business, building stakeholder confidence

Are your consultants working with financial sponsors for responsible investing?

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Are your consultants working with financial sponsors for responsible investing?

  • Building ESG into your clients’ portfolios: Assists clients to incorporate ESG-related issues in their investment decisions

  • Target screening: Assists clients to identify strategically viable areas of investment. The targets are aligned with the clients’ ethical ESG goals

  • ESG due diligence: Identifies ESG issues during an investment due diligence process

  • Competitor benchmarking: Conducts a competitive analysis of peers’ sustainability and ethical disclosures and reporting

  • Formulating resilient long-term ESG strategies: Helps formulate resilient long-term ESG strategies and investment decisions to better manage risk and generate sustainable long-term returns

Are you working on quantifying social and governance obligations?

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Are you working on quantifying social and governance obligations?

  • Insights to manage climate risk: Assess a client’s environmental impact and suggests ways to reduce any negative impact

  • Quantifying social (S) and governance (G) issues: Use our expertise to measure the impact of social (S) and governance (G) issues

  • Formulating a strategy to reduce operational costs: Advise the client on optimal, sustainable strategies to reduce costs. These include reducing energy consumption, air and water pollution, and adopting disruptive technologies

  • Optimising investment and assets: Analyse investment costs and increase return on investment by allocating capital “responsibly”

Are you working on consulting mandates for ESG reporting and monitoring?

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Are you working on consulting mandates for ESG reporting and monitoring?

  • ESG reporting: Assists clients to report non-financial information related to ESG matters, in line with guidelines of the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) and the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD)

  • ESG monitoring: Supports consultants in creating a disciplined and systematic ESG performance monitoring mechanism

  • ESG and sustainability goal setting strategy: Assists consultants to set sustainable and meaningful long-term goals for their clients

  • Improved company reputation: Assists clients to build greater social credibility and improve brand reputation through ESG investing activity

  • Improved brand image: Creates content, highlighting and increasing customer and investor awareness of a client’s “sustainable” initiatives

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