Changing face of the energy sector presents ample opportunities for consultants

We empower energy and utilities sector consultants with bespoke sector research and insights to understand evolving business models for strategic review

Acuity Knowledge Partners (Acuity) is an ideal strategic partner for consulting teams active in building and implementing solutions for the energy and utilities sector.

Consultants are called upon to define new paths for energy-sector stakeholders to adopt sustainable business practices amid the paradigm shift in the sector in this digital age.

Most energy and utilities companies have already started investing and diversifying their businesses so as to have a portfolio of assets and operations that significantly increases efficiencies and reduces their carbon footprints.

While small- and mid-size oil and gas companies are investing in implementing measures and new technologies, the major integrated ones are many steps ahead and are even investing directly in clean and renewable energy projects and in upcoming technologies and technology companies, which could significantly increase efficiencies and reduce carbon emissions from the oil and gas sector value chain.

In the power and utilities segment, most of the major players have also started diversifying their portfolios to include greater shares of renewable sources of power generation in their energy mix and are adopting infrastructure modernization and digital transformation strategies to improve efficiencies. Utility companies are planning to supply green electricity to their end consumers and even adopting new customer-centric business models to provide them smart energy products and services, which could lead to energy efficiencies and reduce power costs for the end consumers.

This shift in the energy sector presents ample opportunities for consulting companies that are likely to require extra bandwidth to quickly convert these opportunities, so that their consultants could spend more time on high value-add tasks. At Acuity Knowledge Partners, our team of energy-sector professionals support our consulting clients by providing bespoke industry research and modelling work that offer real-time knowledge and insights on energy subdomains to senior consultants and partners, supporting them in building business cases and strategies.

Benefits and Impact

Our offerings

Is the changing energy environment requiring you to put in extra effort to provide specific strategic solutions?

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Acuity’s expertise in strategy research supports our clients in building and implementing specific energy-sector solutions

  • Partner identification and investment strategies

  • Opportunity assessment and go-to-market/entry strategies

  • Business model evaluation and development

  • Business transformation support

  • Product mapping and marketing strategies

  • Market selection and expansion strategies

  • Key performance indicator (KPI) identification and benchmarking

  • Regulatory and policy impact analysis

  • Sourcing strategy and cost analysis

Is conducting deep-dive sector research in emerging energy and utilities markets consuming your consultants’ time?

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Acuity’s research capabilities can help consultants stay informed on critical energy-sector developments and market insights

  • Market assessment/demand forecasting

  • Deep-dive industry/segmental analysis

  • Demand-supply scenario analysis

  • Tracking and analysing key trends and drivers

  • Market segmentation and competitive landscape analysis

  • Thematic research/industry outlook

  • Regulatory and policy intelligence

  • Contract, pricing, margin and trend analysis

  • Market trends for new developments

  • Database and market intelligence platform management

Do your corporate advisory and deal teams need support in tracking and analysing energy-sector deals, and drafting supporting collateral?

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Acuity’s experience in corporate finance and mergers and acquisitions (M&A) support can help you meet tight transactional project deadlines

  • Building collateral/investor decks for fundraising

  • M&A opportunity identification and evaluation

  • Preliminary, operational and commercial due diligence

  • Investment due diligence

  • M&A multiples and deal drivers analysis

  • Pitch book/Investment Memo preparation

  • Developing investment theses/reports

  • Financial health score/analysis

  • Tracking sectoral investments and trends

  • Trading and transaction comps

  • DCF/ROI models/football field analysis

  • Preparing sectoral bond summaries and bank presentations

  • Exit strategies

Is the low energy price scenario calling for more attention to identify and achieve operational efficiencies?

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Acuity’s energy-sector analytical capabilities provide flexibility to perform the necessary financial and operational analyses with quick turnaround

  • Operating model building and analysis

  • Cost and supply modelling

  • Emerging trends and innovations tracking

  • Supplier screening/due diligence analysis

  • Predictive and spend analytics

  • Network planning and optimisation

  • Budgeting and forecasting

  • Vendor tracking and management

  • Supply chain analysis and procurement research

  • Identification of new KPIs

  • Operational benchmarking analysis

  • Building performance-tracking tools

  • Performance improvement advisory

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