Bespoke M&A and Capital Market solutions for boutique and independent advisory firms

Scale up your existing advisory and capital market teams. We work with bankers across the hierarchy on live mandates as a pure extension of their onshore teams

Specialised and regional boutique investment banks are reshaping the M&A and capital markets landscape across industries and geographies. Boutique and independent advisory firms have globally earned c.USD11bn of M&A advisory fees, increasing their share of M&A fees to 37% in 2019 from 25% in 2009. Personalised approach and tailor-made solutions with a deep understanding of specific industries and regions make boutique investment banks and specialised advisory firms ideal for small and mid-sized deals.

Acuity Knowledge Partners (Acuity) has solid experience of working with boutique and independent advisory firms of all sizes and has the ability to work independently on all high-value tasks across the deal life cycle. Our experience of working with bulge-bracket and niche specialist boutiques/advisory firms gives us a 360-degree outlook on deals of various shapes and sizes, enabling us to bring in industry-best practices under a single platform. This, coupled with Acuity’s tech platform BEAT, augments our capacity to serve these firms in a more efficient manner.


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