A reporting solution that can be tailored to fit your businesses’ scale and overcome challenges unique to your operations through our managed service offering

FundMETRIX is a robust, bespoke automated data reporting technology and managed services solution that overcomes the existing reporting challenges faced by many asset management firms, banks and corporates. We understand that each organization’s requirements are different. So, we design and build a flexible, scalable, and cost-effective technology platform that suits the organization’s requirements to overcome the existing challenges. Along with managed services, we offer ongoing data, production and tech support to free up our client’s bandwidth. FundMETRIX focuses on enabling automation in the following areas:

• Investment Reporting

• Risk Reporting

• ESG Reporting

• Management Information Systems (MIS) Reporting

• Data Visualization and Reporting

• Data Aggregation / Collection

• Data Cleansing and Validation

• Centralized Database

Benefits and Impact

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