The World’s Centre of Gravity is shifting to the Asian Markets

“We empower consultants with exhaustive research to evaluate strategic frameworks, assess new markets, screen opportunities, develop businesses, analyze complex cases and perform due diligence.”

Asia is on its trajectory toward contributing 50 percent of total global GDP by just 2040. With rapid economic rise, the region has also undergone dramatic changes over the past three decades, all of which has demanded a wide range of consulting services across multiple sectors and domains. Asia’s consumer markets are projected to drive more than half of global consumption growth in the next few decades, capable thereof influencing major structural shifts in trade patterns. The consulting industry in Asia is expected to thrive thus, as corporates actively seek consultants who can understand the unique attributes of Asian markets and help them navigate through the challenges and pitfalls. Here is where Acuity Knowledge Partners can help consultants scale existing teams and drive value for their clients. Our team of domain specific experts who are well versed with Asian markets can help consultants across the consulting value chain thereby increasing research coverage and efficiency simultaneously.

Benefits and Impact

Market and Strategic Research

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Capitalize on unexplored opportunities and strategize better with in-depth research and expert insights

  • Market structure and sizing

  • Detailed assessment and entry strategy

  • Customer segmentation and product mapping

  • Organic and inorganic growth strategies

  • Key drivers and challenges

  • Market tracking and updates

  • Latest trends and advances

Competitor Intelligence

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Equip yourself with important information about your peers and play better than your opponent

  • Competitive landscape profiles

  • Market pie tracking and client wins

  • Comparative studies and competitor benchmarking

  • Deal tracking

  • Competitor profiling

  • Media Monitoring

  • Technology adoptions and innovation trends

Country/Industry Research

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Stay abreast on the latest happenings and expand reach into newer territories

  • Country overviews

  • Macro-economic assessment

  • Regulatory policies and actions

  • Demographic analysis

  • Thematic Research

  • Industry economics and benchmarking

  • Deep dive industry studies

  • Macro/industry news and indicators

Rapid Research Services

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Increase agility and responsiveness with zero lag time for research

  • Economic and industry data

  • Company research and competitor insights

  • Company profiles and executive biographies

  • Management updates

  • Newsletters and alerts

  • Political and legal updates

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