Edge: Consultant database (CDB) update solution

Helps asset managers enhance product visibility, improve data quality and achieve significant cost and time savings

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Acuity Knowledge Partners offers a unique and flexible consultant database (CDB) update solution that combines smart technologies (EDGE) and CDB specialisms to ensure minimal time is spent at the client’s end on timely, hassle-free and accurate CDB updates. EDGE is a custom-built proprietary platform that helps automate the CDB update process, reduces turnaround time, increases efficiency and delivers significant cost savings.


Key Features

Supports all consultant websites including online and manual data submissions and is easily scalable to add further websites

Flexibility in accepting data in multiple formats

Provides single-click, multiple data upload options

Customized consultant database reporting, templates and mapping

Efficient workflow to help track status, preview data and approve changes

Produces informative dashboards capturing major milestones, status updates, issue logs and performance matrixes