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Investment Reporting Survey for Asset Managers 2020

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Acuity Knowledge Partners conducted a survey of asset managers to understand the challenges they face in investment reporting. Our survey targeted chief operating officers (COOs), heads of performance and reporting, heads of client services, heads of investment operations and heads of investment reporting at leading global asset management firms.

Key Takeaways:
  • Reporting teams are still struggling to meet deadlines, despite using the latest, cutting-edge reporting tools
    • - Only 30% of respondents said they are able to meet their reporting deadlines all the time
    • - Key problems: Data integration, data quality issues, and inadequate features of off-the-shelf reporting tools are the major reasons for delay in report production
  • Data management, in particular, is the biggest pain point for all reporting teams
    • - 89% of respondents are facing challenges in data integration owing to the lack of a centralised database
  • Collaboration with third-party reporting vendors will likely help overcome these challenges given their expertise and experience with the reporting domain
    • - 70% of respondents believe such vendors have the ability to provide (a) quality emerging-technology solutions, digital expertise and automation support and (b) high-quality services