David Fellows

Chief Digital Officer

About David

David has more than 20 years of experience in the technology sector. He leads technology, innovation and digital transformation for Acuity since 2017 and is based in our London office.

In his current role, he heads our digital transformation programme that delivers new digital services to augment the capabilities of our analysts in delivering world-class services to clients. David also leads the team that offers software-as-a-service digital products that clients can use.

In addition, he leads our innovation process – designed to augment our capabilities with new solutions, processes, and tools, and introduce new technologies and ways of working to improve internal business processes and outcomes for clients. He is also responsible for information technologies and information security.

Prior to Acuity, David worked for Moody’s Analytics for 10 years as a managing director leading the development and delivery of several credit risk products, including leading the division dedicated to bank capital stress-testing solutions. Before this, he worked as a consultant for Frog Design and ThoughtWorks in San Francisco, where he assisted numerous large firms with their technology transformations.

He is a champion for Employee Resource Groups, especially focused on bringing women to technology. He heads Illuminate, the company’s internal innovation programme.

David is interested in technology and enjoys travelling and spending time with his two dogs. He has a background in computer and data science and has studied contemporary leadership theory at the University of Cambridge.

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