Commanding The Future of Investing in Healthcare IT

Venture capital (VC) professionals wade through a large number of investment proposals. Their approach to screening proposals has long been based on a quick glance. However, the sphere of Healthcare Information Technology (HIT) challenges this approach, as increasing complexities in emerging technologies and the rapid pace of innovation require that they constantly keep abreast of the environment. Identifying a ‘next big thing’ has never been such a challenge, considering that competition in venture deal-making is increasing.

Key Takeaways

» The direction of technology development in healthcare.
» HIT-driven evolving healthcare segments.
» Methods of assessing the age of specific technology.
» Points to focus on when analyzing HIT targets.


Ambarish Srivastava

Associate Director, Private Equity & Consulting

Ambarish Srivastava is an Associate Director within Private Equity practice at Acuity Knowledge Partners and has about 13 years of experience in business research, analysis and consulting. He focuses on leading deep-dive strategic projects, due-diligence support, issue-focused trend analysis and similar assignments for our PE clients. His previous experience includes tenure with startups, Big Four and consulting organizations, where he focused on industry studies, price forecasting, company analysis, macro-economic studies, and other strategic engagements.

Commanding The Future of Investing in Healthcare IT

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