What is needed is an effective low-cost model of expanding research capabilities while, at the same time, keeping costs under control. One proven and effective way of achieving this is leveraging the highly advanced research capabilities of offshore destinations, particularly India. Over the last decade, credit research outsourcing in India has evolved significantly with strong existing domain expertise across asset classes including investment grade, high-yield and distressed. Outsourced research teams in India are both experienced and proficient in supporting credit funds across the investment research value chain be it with idea generation, investment evaluation or monitoring.

Key Takeaways

We at Moody’s Analytics Knowledge Services have been providing fixed income research support to clients for well over a decade and know the industry well. We not only count some of the world’s largest credit funds amongst our long-standing clients, but also provide customized solutions to numerous mid- to small-sized funds. Our domain expertise spans across asset classes including investment grade, high-yield, distressed debt, leveraged finance, convertibles, structured products and sovereign and public finance. Our research teams not only take complete ownership of time consuming and routine tasks such as financial modeling, capital structure analysis, relative value screens, covenant analysis, stress testing, and writing investment notes, but also provide asset managers support in high-value activities, such as generating trade ideas, identifying investment themes and providing deep industry insights. Over the years, some of the industry’s leading asset managers have begun to view our research teams as an indispensable part of their credit research function helping them create differentiated and monetizable research content, and investible ideas, in a high-quality, customized, cost-effective and flexible manner.

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