The evolving role of Business Information Services (BIS) in investment banking

Investment banks and private equity and venture capital, consulting and advisory firms put a premium on quick, streamlined and reliable information. In this white paper, we discuss the evolution of business information services (BIS), the challenges faced in meeting client demands and how technology could help address these challenges through cost and workflow optimisation.

BIS has evolved over time from a mere data-gathering process to value-added research activities that are important for pitch-book creation, due diligence, winning new business and providing consultation to clients. With technology adoption, the BIS space has accelerated towards innovation.

Key Takeaways

• The three key factors that build the BIS process.
• Why an external BIS process is needed, and its value proposition.
• Key benefits under the three major functions of the BIS process.
• New-era BIS – its evolution with the advent of technology.

Amresh Kumar Behera

Amresh Kumar Behera

Assistant Director, Investment Banking

Amresh is an Assistant Director within Investment Banking practice at Acuity Knowledge Partners, and has about 15 years of experience in business research, secondary research and analysis. He has been with the firm since 2006 and is managing a 10 member dedicated Business Information Service team for the past seven years. He has extensive experience in handling highly complex information requests and has expert knowledge of more than 20 market data sources, including regional specific data sources.

Prior to this, Amresh managed a six member investment banking research team focusing on benchmarking analysis, trading comparable, transaction research and profiles.

He has been instrumental in developing methodology documents for his team, setting of various recurring newsletters using technology and designing formula based templates to pull market data from different data sources.

The evolving role of Business Information Services (BIS) in investment banking

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