FolioSure – Portfolio Monitoring Tool

Private equity firms depend on manual, resource-intensive processes to fulfill their reporting obligations. General partners spend far too much time chasing portfolio companies for data and trying to keep up with limited partners’ reporting demands, all this while using a set of outdated tools. This results in a lack of standardized portfolio data, which limits a fund’s ability to compare and analyze investments over a long term.

BEAT FolioSure enables the accurate tracking, comparison, and prediction of the performance of portfolio companies. This fully integrated solution enables firms to take control of their portfolios’ life cycles. FolioSure helps fund managers and limited partners alike collect accurate data and perform quick analytics to obtain actionable insights.

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  • Highly customizable – Customizable as per user requirement – dashboard charts and analytics can be modified within a short span
  • Exhaustive KPI list – In-built exhaustive list of operational/financial KPIs across various industries, as well as provision to add additional sector- and company-specific KPIs as per client requirements
  • Robust data analytics – Numerous data analytics features (which help slice and dice data from various perspectives) and ability to incorporate several attributes to analyze historical and current performance
  • Multiple data checks – Inbuilt data check features, which highlight outliers in red, and generates monthly/quarterly consistency check reports
  • Seamless data upload/download – Bulk upload via Excel, controlled access, and multiple attributes for slicing and dicing data. (Reports can be downloaded in PDF, Excel, or any other format.)
  • CRM – Pipeline management, ability to create and record interactions for future reference, and contact tagging to respective funds/company pages

Approach & Impact

  • Integrated systems in a single technology platform for end-to-end processing
  • Asset module integrated with business intelligence solutions and various layers of communication through a messaging system
  • Components of functional architecture of the portfolio management system: front-office, middleware, and back-office subsystems
  • Consistent and accurate uploads
  • 30-40% more cost effective than other service providers’ systems
  • 40-50% shorter turnaround time
  • Integrated monitoring tool’s full front- to back-office capability to minimize integration requirements
  • Flexible methods of connectivity to accommodate third-party data providers and technology systems
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